Beirut, Lebanon | 2019

Residence F | 2019 | Project Status: Completed

Location: Titanium Bldg., Sakyet El Janzir, Beirut

This residence was designed for a young couple with a special love for marble. An overall contemporary home with sleek edges, featured different marble types and finishes. The main salon wall was designed using a beautiful Calacatta marble with grooved details and mirror injections to enlarge the space and hide the door that leads to the kitchen behind it. This verticality was reflected on the entrance wall through wooden grooved slats to highlight the entrance and give warmth to the space.

The same concept was carried into the guest bathroom using a bamboo finish travertine for the main mirror wall complemented with a concrete finish for the remaining walls. The sink was designed to create a sculptural element that would be the main focal point of the mirror wall.