Beirut, Lebanon | 2018-2019

Residence A | 2019| project Status: Completed

Location: Tallet el Khayat, Beirut

In this project, our clients requested we design and create a concept that would retain their existing furniture. The main wall that flows across three spaces was designed to house all functions of the living and dining rooms.

Wood, marble and mirrors were the main material used throughout. We added a functional shelving unit into the wall to house the accessories that the client wanted to display with a movable panel to allow the client to showcase the parts that she wanted.

To highlight and make sense of the change in the existing floor material we added three rotating separators with fluted glass to define each space yet still allow for natural light to flow in. These separators can be rotated for more or less privacy.

The playroom is where we let our playful ideas come to life with a colorful palette and a kid friendly design. All objects were custom designed from the ceiling lights to the furniture pieces.