Mina Abdallah, Kuwait | 2018-2019

Al Basel Factory | 2019| Project Status: Under Construction

Location: Kuwait

As retail behavior is changing around the world nowadays, there is a greater need for rethinking how we view or display our brand/products in a more innovative manner. For this marble factory, we envisioned breaking the norm of a typical production factory and creating a visually interesting object that stands out in the desert and that is present. We crafted large windows in the façade to maximize daylight and to create a relationship between the interior working space and exterior, designed to be like an urban plaza that extends into the internal marble slabs area. The interior is like a museum/exhibition-like space where visitors can walk through a display of huge rocks of different types of marble  and find themselves in a coffee space in this urban scape for meeting and presenting the brand which is as well at a raised level creating a higher viewpoint from which the rest of the factory with the slabs are visible. the interior was injected with green elements bringing nature indoors and the whole space was transformed into a landscape of trees and rocks. the side facades where made of glass for the people walking outside to see all the machines and workers that are working indoors and for bringing as much sunlight inside as possible. the plaza outside was designed with custom marble benches and as much greenery as possible to emphasize the idea of an urban plaza.