Kuwait | 2019

House B | 2019 | Project Status: Permits Phase

Project Location: Nuzha, Kuwait

The brief was to design a multistory house with a basement for a family on a plot of 750 m2.
The unique feature of the site is its unobstructed main front view towards Kuwait City and its large garden in the front. Due to the presence of neighboring houses on both sides of the plot we opted for an open U- shape design that would bring the garden within and maximize light into the house.

To exploit the ground floor garden area fully, we opted to raise the swimming pool to the 2nd floor as a hanging feature on top of the main entrance. Walking towards the main door, one would see the sun rays deflected by the water of the pool through its partial glass floor reflecting down into the garden.

From the main façade one would get a hint of its function through horizontal slits of glass showcasing the pool water. At the level of the pool, one would get unhindered views from the house onto the pool with a background of the city itself.
To further maximize on the element of light and to give the house a vertical feel, we opted for longitudinal curtain wall glass that would extend from the façade to create the glass balustrade itself above.

From a climatic perspective: the main façade has a north western sun orientation, thus we added longitudinal stone fins to create shadows on the windows in the late afternoon. The back façade which has a south east sun orientation was designed with smaller windows and a larger stone clad area.